Nathan Fake @ Allez-Allez

Un regalo de Nathan Fake para sus amigos de la radio-podcast allez-allez del reino unido.


daft punk – oh yeah
luke vibert – synthax
four tet – a joy remix
louis digital – dancefloor microphysics
dominik eulberg – das rohren (hrdvsion mix)
aphextwin – windowlicker acid edit
radiohead – packt like sardines
cylob – smack em up sharp
team doyobi – pushchairs for grownups (autechre remix)
mr.76 – scary taxidermy
ceephax acid crew – marshmellow
milanese – billy hologram
afx – pwsteal.ldpinch.d
fredrique garvin – consumed by giraffes
four tet – sleep eat food have visions
nathan fake – charlies house (apparat remix)
clouddead – the keen teen skip
7oi – bah

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One thought on “Nathan Fake @ Allez-Allez”

  1. me dio por buscar en la red si habia algun nuevo live set the nathan y me encontre con esto…. que bueno, he pensado que no hay muchos gustosos de nathan fake por ahi, o mas bien, por aqui.

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