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Lucid house – Audiovisual mix-up!

No lo pienses mucho y tomate media hora de tu tiempo para ver, escuchar y disfrutar de este mix audiovisual.



01 Danjel Esperanza-Der Sonne Entgegen
02 Sam K-Desperate Housetrack
03 Pete Voyager-Dripfeed (Al Calavicci Nachtmusik Dub)
04 The Truffle Tribe-Start Funk
05 Lucas Tesselhoff-Body’s Perfect
06 ORQUESM-Teknoot
07 Tom Clark & Daniel Dreier-Smells Like
08 Cloud-Carbondub
09 Marco Menichelli-Special D
10 Kalahari Surfers-Sustainable Development
11 Constructus-It Don’t Mean A Thing If You A
12 Krushed & Sorted-Interlude 1
13 Trentemoller-Nightwalker

Audio & Visual mix by: Morris La Mantia [Lucid house]


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